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My Online Business Strategy

I wanted to take a second and provide everyone an update about Gary Gregory’s My Online Business Strategy system. Today, I had the distinct pleasure to be part of a conference call with Gary and a core group of first-class MOBSters. You should know that the groundwork is being laid for what will be a fantastic core MOBS support group. But the biggest aspect that came out of that important call is the MOBS system is not just a strong, solid, and effective online business system; it is part of what will become a strong support community.


Become Part Of A Support Community

Once you obtain your copy of My Online Business Strategy, you will also become part of that ever-growing community. I am not talking about paying anything extra to join a fan club or forum. Once you have MOBS for yourself, you automatically become a true MOBSter and personally part of a fantastic support group. All MOBSters, as collective allies, will join together to help other MOBsters when necessary. Gary wants to release the My Online Business Strategy system because it is not only an effective and powerful system for making money online. It is about you as a person. Not just a program that is pitched to you where you are then forgotten about.


If you ever have any problem with the My Online Business Strategy system, you will have direct access to LIVE support. Something you do NOT find in any other online business system product. Even so, you also get the free support of the other MOBSters just by becoming a MOBSter yourself. And that group starts with Gary Gregory himself and the group of fine individuals from around the world I had an opportunity to speak with today.

Why My Online Business Strategy Community Will Be Useful For You

  • The MOBS system is a method of making money online that will exist forever! Not “here you go,” then forget about it
  • MOBS will be the first and last place you will ever have to stop for starting your online business
  • My Online Business Strategy will make you money, on its own, for years to come.

As you can see from those three bullet points, having a supportive MOBS community comprised of willing and experienced fellow MOBSters will benefit you for the lifetime of your online business. The best part about all of this is, MOBS truly is a system that will get you to where you want to be in life:

  • Spiritually
  • Psychologically, and best of all
  • Financially

MOBS really is a different beast when it comes to the online marketing world. A real system, developed by a real person, with a true heart, with real LIVE support, and a top-notch My Online Business Strategy Community comprised of real people.

Help Support Spirit Quilts With Your MOBS Purchase!

One great thing I learned from Gary today as a percentage of each MOBS purchase will be donated directly to Spirit Quilts. Spirit Quilts is a wonderful nonprofit charity that was established by Gary’s wife, JayaMae, that helps out many wonderful charitable organizations with their quilting projects. I hope you can spend a few minutes checking out such a wonderful organization. And it really feels great that a portion of your MOBS purchase will go directly to supporting such a fine cause.

Be Prepared For The Release Of My Online Business Strategy!


Hi everyone…….Doug here,

As a sincere thank you to those who have visited my site here, I am very excited to announce the MOBS pre-launch release of a very detailed and comprehensive 100% video tutorial series that covers everything you need to know to be prepared for the release of My Online Business Strategy in August 2010.

With two actual MOBS sites in process, I learned that masterminding the planning and technical aspects of building a MOBS site beforehand would help you hit the ground running and be ahead of the game once you received Gary Gregory’s total MOBS system for yourself.

Powered by WordPress, there are some unique technical tricks you have to apply to make your site a true MOBS website.

In these videos, you will watch over my shoulder as I show you the following:

  • Free Resources & Tools – How To Use Them in fine MOBS fashion
  • Keyword Research & Tips – The My Online Business Strategy way.
  • Choosing a Web Hosting Company and Registering a Domain Name
  • Go right into my CPanel to setup MOBS site email and WordPress
  • Customize WordPress, set up plugins, and…..
  • HTML Tricks to produce a “true” MOBS site.

No stone is left unturned. And my true hope is that you will find these videos helpful and more comfortable with mastering MOBS once you receive Gary’s My Online Strategy system for yourself.

I truly believe you will get a lot from the videos. And please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the MOBS video tutorials.

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