Business Babes Society

Business Babes Society

Eligibility to Join

  • You must be a sole owner or partner of a woman owned business in Madison County or the surrounding counties of KY.
  • You must read over and agree to the By-Laws.
  • You need to complete the online Membership Form and be approved by one of our board members.
  • Annual Dues are $150 if you pay entire year up front but can be paid quarterly at $40/quarter.  So you get a $10 savings if you pay for the entire year in one.

Requirements & Expectations

  • Any female business owner, even if the business is shared with a male partner/spouse, shall be eligible for membership in the Business Babes Society, Chapter 1.
  • To support the Business Babes Society, Chapter 1 and any and all future Chapters of the Business Babes Society.
  • To keep Officers informed of changes in name, business, address and email/cell numbers.
  • To help organize and sign new members whenever possible.
  • To support all Business Babes Society’s members’ businesses as much as possible.
  • To vote their convictions in all local Business Babes Society’s elections and matters submitted to a vote, abide by the will of the majority, subject to rights of appeal.
  • To attend the meetings and be engaged at the meetings. Members are encouraged to attend as many meetings as possible, to participate on committees, and volunteer for other organization activities to fully participate in the organization.  All other business matters between two members shall be conducted before or after the actual meeting.
  • Refrain from sharing political or religious views. Keep your expressions to yourself unless the discussion involves local, state or federal issues that directly or indirectly affect our business(es). Religions are considered personal.
  • Refrain from gossiping, criticism, bullying or negative campaigning of our organization, other members and members’ businesses among the group, on social media or individually.
  • Speak and Act always in a manner to represent Business Babes in a positive way. Your behavior during and outside of meetings directly and indirectly reflects on Business Babes Society and your business. This includes but not limited to: indecent public photos, unprofessional comments on social media, public behavior, and unethical business practices.




Monthly meetings shall be held for members and sponsors. Information on meeting times and place may be found on the local chapter website. Meetings are optional, but you are encouraged to attend as often as possible so members are included and updated on any decisions that are made. Networking time among the members is available at the close of all monthly meetings. The meeting will include a speaker with information on professional development for members’ businesses.


Nominations & Elections

  • Every two years, in the November monthly meeting, a new President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be nominated. The meeting shall call to vote nominated members using a paper ballot, and close the meeting with an agreed majority vote with a verbal announcement for new persons in the voted positions. Newly elected officers will begin on January 1st of the following year. Outgoing officers will serve until January 1st and hand over completed and updated directory, bank statements and all other records of the Business Babes Society.
  • ELIGIBILITY: All elected offices of the Business Babes Society must be current and active paid members of the Business Babes Society in order to be voted into office.
  • TERM OF OFFICE: New officers begin their term, following their election. Each elected officer will serve a two year term.
  • REMOVAL OF OFFICE: Any officer can be removed for cause which includes: Removal from office will require a two thirds vote of members present at the next meeting after officer is held for cause.
  • VACANCIES: Vacancy of President shall be filled by the Vice-President for the duration of the term. Any additional vacant position shall be filled at the next meeting held after officer is removed. The newly elected officer shall complete the remaining term of the officer she is replacing.

If you are interested in learning more about our Sponsorship Program, we can set up a time to schedule a meeting at your convenience or mail you our Sponsorship packet. In our meeting or in our packet, you will learn about our mission, goals, our accomplishments, our member directory and member programs, as well as a detailed description of the four levels of support and what is included in each level:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


  1. Founded by women to support fellow women entrepreneurs and business owners.
  2. Professional Development:  Education and Inspiration = Growth.
  3. Regular Networking Opportunities through our monthly meetings and special events..
  4. Community Outreach Programs – collectively or individually.
  5. Investing in our Future Female Entrepreneurs through our Scholarship Program.
  6. Friendship and Support to our local women business owners, from startups to established businesses in our community.


  1. First, Recognition for their support.  At our meetings, selected special events, to our growing email lists and social media followers, we will showcase our sponsor’s logo and company information to continually thank them for their support.  Sponsorships are an effective marketing tool for any business.
  2. Second, An opportunity to support small business growth.  With 50+ members … we have a diverse group of types businesses:   from startups to established companies, home based business, direct sales representatives to brick-and-mortar retail, restaurants, product and service-based businesses.  All of these small businesses have an impact on our local economy.
    • Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development was quoted recently:  “Small businesses are vital to Kentucky’s economy. In fact, more than 90 percent of the businesses in the Commonwealth have fewer than 50 employees.”
    • Kentucky’s small businesses employed 47.8% of the state’s private workforce.
    • Women now own 17 million US businesses and control $4.3 trillion of the $5.9 trillion in the US consumer spending – making US women the largest single economic force in the world. – US Women’s Chamber of Commerce.
  3. Another benefit to our sponsors are Personal Satisfaction that comes from contributing to your community.  And that support can encourage customer and employee loyalty as you enhance your brand as a good corporate citizen.


Sponsorships are vital to our non-profit’s growth our support of locally owned businesses and local non-profits, as well as fulfilling our years’ goals.  With your support, you can help to accomplish these efforts.

  1. We are planning to offer more networking and educational opportunities to small business owners in our community.
  2. We’d like expand our outreach efforts in supporting local nonprofits and charities in need.
  3. Each year we strive to award as many scholarships as we can afford for female high school graduates in Madison County.
  4. We are also finding new ways to expand our message to not only showcase our services but also our members and sponsors’ businesses as well.  Because the number one need our members need help with, when surveyed, are … Affordable advertising solutions.
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